Random Friday...finally

A lot of the links below are somewhat old but most should still be relevant and interesting nonetheless. So enjoy.

  • The one person who knows the NBA draft order before anyone else.
  • I love me some Dallas Cowboys so, of course, an interesting article about how Jason Garrett got hired.
  • The story behind Answers, one of the leading mobile analytics companies. Always love hearing the amount of work it takes to build a great, successful company.
  • Click on this and watch the introduction video - so sick. It's a GoPro on major steroids.
  • There wasn't a ton of coverage on the explosions in China a few days back, but these photos show how massive and devastating they were.
  • This book looks like a fascinating read; it's about a few buddies in Florida somehow becoming massive weapons and ammunition dealers.
  • Committing crimes willingly and getting away with them? Yes, as the article says, the open seas are ruthless.
  • PGA Championship this week in Wisconsin - beautiful course at Whistling Straits too. Let the fun begin as it is already a tight leaderboard. Jordan Spieth is creeping too. Sunday should be fun.
  • That's enough. No cocktail this time so stick to your usual. Enjoy.

Random Friday

  • I think JJ Watt hurt himself.
  • How does everyone like their Apple Watch? I did not pre-order one, but I am debating if I should pull the trigger now for the fitness features alone. My FitBit completely died about a month ago.
  • This is old news, but interesting nonetheless. A Seattle-based company has made its minimum wage $70,000. Yes, each employee is paid at least $70,000. I'm curious to see if this is a publicity stunt, or if it is sustainable long-term.
  • I never watched David Letterman regularly, but I made sure to watch his last episode -- it was great.
  • I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan so maybe it's only interesting to me, but this is a good, quick read on how Jason Garrett became the head coach.
  • When people start getting into your elevator before you're fully out of it is one of my biggest pet peeves.
  • The Timberwolves are taking Towns with the #1 pick.
  • An awesome new podcast from ESPN's Cari Champion called Be Honest.
  • Everyone loves Disney, right? A fascinating article about how they tried to bring back the magic to their theme parks with MyMagic+ and how hard it was/is.
  • Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend and here are some cocktails to sip on as well.

Random Friday

Getting back to the basics here, let's kick off this Friday with my first "Random Friday" post on the new blog:

  • I'm currently reading The Unspeakable by Meghan Daum and Becoming Steve Jobs by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli.
  • Did you pre-order the Apple Watch? I did not, but I can eventually seeing myself buying one once I go in and try one on. Just don't feel the need to rush into buying one which is odd since I usually drool over every new product category from Apple.
  • The first round of The Masters was insane, and it's only going to get better with the next three rounds. 
  • Speaking of The Masters, Jordan Spieth is insane. Wouldn't surprise me if he keeps this up and runs away with it, but then again, it is The Masters and that rarely happens.
  • One more comment on The Masters, if Woods plays solid today and makes the cut, it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see him go low on Saturday.
  • I have been trying a standing desk for about a month now and just cannot get on board with it. I took it down yesterday. I was not nearly as productive and always ended up moving my laptop to the coffee table and sitting on the couch. Not sure if it's a good or bad thing.
  • That's all for today. No cocktail recipe either, just have a gin & tonic. Enjoy.

Fresh Start

My blog was due for a fresh coat of paint. As a matter of fact, it was due for a fresh start. Back in the day, I used Wordpress but never owned the domain. Then I bought a domain and started experimenting with Jekyll and GitHub Pages. It was fun experimenting, but it got time consuming when I wanted to change certain aspects of the site. Also, I cannot count the number of times I came across an article and had some thoughts yet didn't share them because I would have had to open my Mac, launch TextWrangler, write the post in Markdown, commit my post then push it to GitHub. That is not a very streamlined workflow to just post a link and a few sentences especially while lying in bed reading on my iPad. I wanted to change all of this; Squarespace has everything I want, plus much more.

The only downside to switching was that I could not migrate all of my previous posts over to my new site. All posts will need to be manually moved over if I want them, and at this point, I do not think I do. I have all of them saved, but I don't see a need to archive any of them on here. Plus, I don't think anyone wants to see an archive full of "Random Fridays" and nothing else. I love doing "Random Fridays" and will continue to do so, but, finally, my entire blog is not going to consist of them. I still have some things to clean up and polish, but hopefully you enjoy the switch as much as I will.