Random Friday

Two posts in a week is kind of a big deal. I keep harping on the fact that I would like to get back in the "blogging" swing of things so here goes. As usual, some random links and thoughts for you to ponder this weekend:

  • I'm not a huge fan of slideshows on the web, but here is one from Travel & Leisure featuring America's most beautiful campuses.
  • "Inside a Hollywood Sex Party" - at first glance, this title didn't spark much interests since I'd imagine Hollywood and sex parties go hand-in-hand yet this is some crazy shit. Read it.
  • You get to pay what you want for your meal. What would you pay?
  • A solid read on NFL cheerleaders and how awful they are treated.
  • WTF happened in the Thursday Night Football game last night?! Denver is terrible, Peyton is done; KC is dominating; whoa, we have a game; okay, Peyton isn't that bad; KC still has this; wait, Peyton is still really good; OMG, Jamaal; wow good night. Just a few thoughts going through everyone's head last night. On that note, go Cowboys on Sunday vs the Eagles!
  • A behind-the-scenes look at a Hollywood prop house. (Apparently I have been reading about Hollywood recently.)
  • The latest from Rolls-Royce, the Dawn. So beautiful.
  • When is the last time you had a nice conversation with a stranger?
  • A few drink recipes from a local distillery here in Minneapolis. If you're close by, check out their awesome cocktail room! Plus they usually have an awesome food truck parked out front. Enjoy your weekend!