Random Friday...finally

A lot of the links below are somewhat old but most should still be relevant and interesting nonetheless. So enjoy.

  • The one person who knows the NBA draft order before anyone else.
  • I love me some Dallas Cowboys so, of course, an interesting article about how Jason Garrett got hired.
  • The story behind Answers, one of the leading mobile analytics companies. Always love hearing the amount of work it takes to build a great, successful company.
  • Click on this and watch the introduction video - so sick. It's a GoPro on major steroids.
  • There wasn't a ton of coverage on the explosions in China a few days back, but these photos show how massive and devastating they were.
  • This book looks like a fascinating read; it's about a few buddies in Florida somehow becoming massive weapons and ammunition dealers.
  • Committing crimes willingly and getting away with them? Yes, as the article says, the open seas are ruthless.
  • PGA Championship this week in Wisconsin - beautiful course at Whistling Straits too. Let the fun begin as it is already a tight leaderboard. Jordan Spieth is creeping too. Sunday should be fun.
  • That's enough. No cocktail this time so stick to your usual. Enjoy.