Fresh Start

My blog was due for a fresh coat of paint. As a matter of fact, it was due for a fresh start. Back in the day, I used Wordpress but never owned the domain. Then I bought a domain and started experimenting with Jekyll and GitHub Pages. It was fun experimenting, but it got time consuming when I wanted to change certain aspects of the site. Also, I cannot count the number of times I came across an article and had some thoughts yet didn't share them because I would have had to open my Mac, launch TextWrangler, write the post in Markdown, commit my post then push it to GitHub. That is not a very streamlined workflow to just post a link and a few sentences especially while lying in bed reading on my iPad. I wanted to change all of this; Squarespace has everything I want, plus much more.

The only downside to switching was that I could not migrate all of my previous posts over to my new site. All posts will need to be manually moved over if I want them, and at this point, I do not think I do. I have all of them saved, but I don't see a need to archive any of them on here. Plus, I don't think anyone wants to see an archive full of "Random Fridays" and nothing else. I love doing "Random Fridays" and will continue to do so, but, finally, my entire blog is not going to consist of them. I still have some things to clean up and polish, but hopefully you enjoy the switch as much as I will.